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back preceding technique Basket making and wickers  
Traditionelle basket making at 1/1 scale is made of wicker (or cane for more facility) and is composed of the bottom, uprights vertical, horizontal strands and border.
At 1/12 scale , the horizontal strands can be replaced by fine string or linen thread and the stem by paper covered wire or other rigid and flexible twig.
Basic braiding points
- 1 - Simple
- 2 - Double
- 3
  - 4 - Torch or cord (to reinforce or for a decorative relief): with 3 strands, 4 strands 2/2 or 4 strands 1/3.
- 5 - Weaving 2 by 2 or 3 by 3.
braiding weaving points   I made all braiding in dyed kitchen string.

With double point one can work with an even number of stems.
miniature wicker basket
Round bottom baskets

1 - Traditional starting with 7 or 8 crossed stems.
Here the stems are made from wire covered with a band of kraft paper, it is more flexible.    
miniature wicker basket   starting round basket
miniature wicker  basket    
Crossed with 9 stems for an oval bottom   start basket making
rectangular bottom    
miniature basket   miniature basket
2 - Flat-bottomed basket    
miniature wicker basket   - Starting from a flat bottom.
The stems are fixed in holes in a wooden bottom.

- Or starting bottomless, insert the stems in a small bit of foamboard (the crocheted round bottom is stuck at the end)

(Here the stem are out of fine cane)

miniature wicker   miniature wicker
miniature wicker basket   miniature basket
The traditional edge would be too difficult at 1/12 scale, here it is made with a chain, a braid or a twist.
Rectangular basket    
A method for starting without drilling 20 or 30 holes in the wooden bottom.   Here, the stems are from florist wire that I painted in brown.
a - Insert the stems in a bit of foamboard.
b - Make some rows in double point (with 2 strand it is possible to work with a even number of stems).
If required, make an openwork with a paper band, and put a little of glue on the first and on the last but one rows.
  rectangular wicker basket
c - On top : cut right or glue an edge.
On bottom, stick a chain or a braid for a clear completion.
  d - Fill the bottom by sticking a balsa rectangle or a crocheted rectangle .
basket bottom   rectangle wicker basket
rectangle wicker basket   miniature wicker basket
    Suitcase with the same method.
Armchairs : a little more difficult.    
Weaving in fine string dyes and stems from wire covered with brown paper, for a well bent form. Combination of openworks and other points.   miniature wicker chair
miniature wicker chair   miniature wicker chair
miniature wicker    
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